Foldable Solar Charger 50W

Foldable Solar Charger 50W

Foldable Solar Charger 50W

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    Capacity 50W
    Output DC: 18~19V 1~2A/USB : 5V 1.5~2.1A
    Input None
    Weight 2.2kg
    Size compact size: 43x45x1cm/17x17.5x0.4 inch
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  • Product Features:

    1. Widely use: 18V DC port: Charging 18V1~2A laptops, 12V car batteries and other ultrabook.
    USB ports support external battery packs, tablets, iPad mini, cell phones and other 5V USB powered devices( except for Bluetooth devices under 50mA).


    2. Powerful solar panels: SUNPOWER high efficiency panel; conversion rate: 22%-25% .


    3. iSolar technology: automatically detect the device to deliver its possible and suitable current to achieve maximum power.


    4. Humanized design: hidden Output interface with humanized pocket design. It is very convenient for outdoors camping/hiking/climbing/fishing/driving and more.


    1, Peak Power: 50W

    2, Solar conversion efficiency: 22%~25%

    3, USB output: 5V 1.5~2.1A

    4, DC output: 18~19V 1~2A

    5, Close zipper size: 43x45x1cm/17x17.5x0.4 inch

    6, Open size: 45x86x0.5cm/17.5x34x0.0.2 inch

    7, Weight: 2.2kg/ 4.8lbs/77oz


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