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Solar Power Station 200W

Solar Power Station 200W

Solar Power Station 200W

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    Capacity 200W
    Output Multi output
    Input Multi input
    Weight customization
    Size customization
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  • Parameters:

    Rated Power: 200W

    Dual AC Output: 220V 2.5~3.5A/115V 5~6.5A

     DC Output: 12V 5.5~7A

    Dual USB Output: 5V 2.4A(Max.)

    Type-C Output: 5V 3~4A

    Solar Charger Input: 18V


    ALLPOWERS power station-CarryOne is a set of AC / DC charging, mobile phone USB charging, wireless mobile phone charging, car battery charging, solar charging and other functions as a portable power station. At outdoor, the power station can charge your mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, fish finder, satellite phones, cameras, smart wearable electronics, flashlights, car refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, car batteries and all electronic equipment. In addition to, this power station also can be charged by solar at outdoor. Meanwhile, the power station will act as a small generator and UPS emergency power help you to deal with a variety of sudden power outages at home.


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