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semi flexible solar panel charger,12~18V Solar Panel Charger SunPower Cell Ultra Thin Flexible Charger Charging for RV Boat Cabin

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    Capacity 100W
    Output 18V 5.6A
    Input 2A
    Weight 1.75kg
    Size Dimensions: 1050mm*540mm*2.5mm
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    * SUNPOWER solar cell is made from US, up to 22%-25% efficiency, while 
    most panel is 17%-19%, you will get greater power efficiency even though
    the panel is no larger than a traditional model

    * Sunpower 
    solar panel is far more durable than traditional glass and aluminum 
    models; flexible material is ideal for storage in tight spaces or 
    crowded areas

    * The plastic back sheet can be curved to a 
    maximum 30 degree arc and mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, or any 
    other irregular surface

    * This solar panel packs 100W of power,
    but it only weighs a mere 3lbs, making it easier to transport, hang and
    remove; Unique frameless design and four metal reinforced mounting 
    holes for easy installation

    What you get: 100W bendable solar panel, and friendly customer service.

    "Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority", contact us firstly if you have any question.

    Optimal power [Pmax]: 100W
    Working voltage [Vmp]: 18V
    Working current [Imp]: 5.56A
    Short circuit current [Isc]: 5.8A
    Open circuit voltage [Voc]: 20V
    Maximum system voltage: 1000V 
    Air resistance: 50psf (2400 pascals)
    Snow resistance: 113psf (5400 pascals)
    Hail impact: 25mm (1 inch) at 23 m/s (52mph)
    Dimensions: 1050mm*540mm*2.5mm

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